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Welcome Lakeside Field Club!

We are excited to announce that starting April 2024, Evolution Tennis Academy has agreed to direct & lead the Racquets Program at Lakeside Field Club in New York.

✍️A message from our Director Martin Miedzowicz:

We wanted to share our excitement and gratitude with our ETA community!

🙌 We are proud to have been given the responsibility, trust, and opportunity to run Lakeside Field Club Racquet Program. We are beyond excited about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and we look forward to start the 2024 Season.

We would like to express our gratitude and thank our entire staff for delivering an outstanding quality program since the very beginning. Success comes from building a strong team who chooses to passionately deliver the best possible member experience every single day.

💪 Lucia, Alan, Dan, Lorenzo, Pepe, Juan, Camila, Agus, Santi, Tao, Mika, Alex, Corey, Claudia, Andy, Ozzie 💪 Thank you to everyone!

🔝 Today, ETA runs 5 Racquet Programs in Westchester, NY and over 2500 players combined. Our mission continues untouched: bring a smile to your face, create as many moments of joy as possible, and bring the community together.

ETA can’t wait to see what the future holds. We strongly believe the best is yet to come!! 🎊

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