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Covered. Connected. Community.

We will get you started, get you better, and get you there faster.

Who we are?

ETA is a Racquet Sport management company that focuses on running programs on behalf of private and public clubs.
ETA  has been directing, developing, marketing, advertising, leading, and organizing racquet programs, events, and tournaments at private racquet clubs, commercial clubs, and public towns in Westchester NY for 10+ years.
ETA’s main objective is to provide racquet sports facilities with successful programs customized to needs, audiences, and long-term goals. Our professional team understands each club’s goals to then build an effective program that aligns with the club’s overall mission and objectives. We acknowledge and prioritize every member and player's overall experience as the core of our philosophy. 

Success for us comes from providing unique experiences, program variety, and personable service. We look forward to sharing our experiences and welcoming you as the newest member of our club family.

Say Hello to:


Perfectly chosen and trained Racquet Professionals.


Coverage support all year round.


Engaged Professionals with a customer-centric approach (retention, engagement, satisfaction)

You Are Covered

Become a part of our new network of Tennis Professionals who always have your back and provide full-program coverage. We are committed to you all day. Bring to life our customer-centric philosophy. We ensure everyone has a positive experience on and off the court. 

You are Connected

Let us help you overcome the overwhelming aspects of your business like technology, scheduling, hiring, and billing.

We will take care of it. you can spend more time on the court.

Say Hello to: 

- Automated and efficient systems

- Source of best practices and knowledge base of what works across other clubs, schools, and town programs. 


Your Community

No one knows you better than you know yourself. Let us be your guide to new programming, social events, camps, and clinics that have a fresh perspective but always retain what makes you "you".

Your perception is our reality. We start from where you are and together explore your interests, needs, and wants with an eye towards optimization. 

Evolution Tennis Academy provides a professional, full-service racquet program that strives to engage members of all levels in developing their best tennis game while having the best possible experience. 

"Martin’s passion and enthusiasm for tennis are infectious and after playing in group clinics with him for the past year, I’m hooked. Martin provides constant feedback, teaching proper form and strategy, with a unique ability to coach each player individually while still keeping the entire group engaged. Martin is professional, incredibly knowledgeable and patient. He takes tennis seriously, and thus so do we, but he is always ready with a laugh and creates such a genuinely fun environment. He is our biggest cheerleader on the court and has transformed our group of beginners into lifelong tennis players."

Shannon Wallace Weber
Irvington, NY

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